The Ranger volleyball team rises victorious over a cross town rival

The Ranger volleyball team rises victorious over a cross town rival

It’s no secret the Forest Hills Central Rangers and the Lowell Red Arrows have a bitter rivalry; whenever these schools get the chance to battle it out, spectators are in for an entertaining show. The Ranger volleyball team made sure to let the fans know that their home team would not disappoint.

The match started off strong for the Rangers. The ladies took the first set twenty-five to fifteen and the second set twenty-five to fifteen over the Red Arrows. However, in the third set, some minor mistakes began to cost the ladies some much-needed points. They, unfortunately, lost the third set with a score of twenty-three to twenty-five but bounced back in a huge way to win the fourth set twenty-five to thirteen, thus winning the match.

“In the third set, we let down and made many mistakes,” said senior captain Sarah Dunn. “But going into the fourth set, we knew what we had to do, and we had complete confidence we could finish the game in that set.”

The Ranger’s ability to realize what their mistakes were in the third set and fix them going into the fourth set is the definition of a great team. It’s hard to beat a team that doesn’t make the same mistake twice, and you rarely see the ladies make a mistake more than once in a match.

Two stand-out players from Tuesday’s performance would be senior Sarah Dunn and junior Avery Weslow. Both players were powerhouses at the net and had no problem throwing off the Red Arrow defense with their spikes. It’s impressive to watch such talent at a high school level, and both players had something to say during Tuesday’s performance about what goes through their heads when they are in the moment ruling on the court.

“I’m just glad I can contribute to helping my team out as much as possible,” junior Avery Weslow quoted. “Nothing feels better than when your team goes crazy after scoring a big point, no matter who it is.”

We have seen a lot of big points scored by Avery Weslow already this season, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Other than what gets these players excited, relying on their training is a big part of the ladies’ success; captain Sarah Dunn had more to say on that.

“I just try to rely on the skills that I have constantly practiced,” Sarah said. “Many players on the team have played in big matches in both club and school; a big lesson I have learned from these matches is not to panic and trust the volleyball skills that I have worked really hard for.”

Things are looking promising for ladies right now, with their latest win keeping them undefeated in the regular season and a look at the playoffs is more than in view. These ladies don’t quit; even when they fall in a set, they don’t back down from a fight.

From the great Babe Ruth, “It’s hard to beat a person that never gives up.” The Ranger volleyball team never gives up.