The concessions at FHC fit hand and hand with sporting events

The concessions at FHC fit hand and hand with sporting events

“Take me out to the ballgame,” the song written in 1908, was the first to appreciate an element that is often overlooked. Most, if not all, athletic events have one thing in common: concessions. No matter what sport is going on, the concession stand is always up and running for all who attend. 

Concession stands are run and kept up by many people who are often volunteers. Of these volunteers, many are team moms; two of these individuals are Mrs. Jessica Decker and Mrs. Lauren Koehler. Both women have kids playing sports throughout the year; they are expected to run the concession stand by signing up for volunteer hours to keep the team funded. 

Mrs. Jessica Decker elaborates on what people can do to help run the concessions and keep the teams funded.  

“Parents with athletes in any sport are asked to help with the concession stand. Each sport is assigned a couple of dates to volunteer. People can help by volunteering. It takes at least three volunteers per shift to run smoothly”. 

Being a parent himself, coach Anthony Sultini understands the importance of the concessions and how they benefit not only the people involved but also create a new and more exciting way to enjoy the time at the event. 

“Whenever I think of going to an athletic event, I always think of wanting food and drinks. I also think of how halftime is always a busy time with a big rush; the seats are usually somewhat empty still coming out of halftime as people return with concessions. I think it goes hand-in-hand,” coach Sulitni says proudly. 

As a student in the stands at a game, whether that is football, basketball, volleyball, or any other sports team that offers concessions, junior Olivia Oorbeck loves knowing that the concessions are always there for her. 

“What I like about the concessions is that after a long day of school, it’s nice knowing that it can help you and give you the energy to cheer instead of just standing there hungry,” Olivia said. 

The concession stands are there for your enjoyment. Be good to the volunteers, help out, and most importantly, enjoy your concession stand snack.