Varsity volleyball sets up for another successful season


The varsity volleyball team is coming off a strong season, making it to the regional finals last year.

Despite losing skilled senior players a season ago, like Brooklyn Conner, starting her freshman year as a part of the Clemson Volleyball Team, the ladies are not short on talent. Led by many returning seniors, the Rangers expect another outstanding season with a strong playoff run. Senior captain Sarah Dunn is returning for her fourth year on the Ranger Varsity Volleyball Team.

“So far, we’ve had a lot of early success, but there are still many things we can improve on,” says Sarah. “We are always working towards improvement. Developing consistency in all facets of the game is a major focus for us.”

The ladies have high expectations for their season’s end goal in terms of a playoff run. Senior Ally Werkema believes her team will make it farther than last year.

“I really think we can make it past regionals this year as we already beat Rockford, who we lost to in the regional finals last year,” Ally said.

As some may recall, the 2021 varsity volleyball season came to a hard-fought end to Rockford last season in the regional finals; the ladies have already proven the depth in their roster by taking down the Rams. While the ladies may be vital in many aspects of the game, they understand that their play could use some work. This is something the Rangers do not shy away from. A crucial part of their success is knowing what they need to do to keep their winning season alive.

“The improvement that would benefit our team the most would be players focusing on specializing in their positions,” senior libero Kate Hotaling said. “So that we can work together for better success.”

The ladies are working on playing as a team and perfecting their positions. This showed in last night’s Battle of the Hills match against FHN. The Rangers fought two tough battles and won their first by sweeping FHE in two sets, but unfortunately fell short to the Huskies. A few minor mistakes were the difference between victory and defeat for the Rangers.

“I think we need to focus on working together as a team more,” junior Elana Kavanagh said.

This is expected for any team at the start of the season, and there are many new faces on the varsity court this year which means the ladies need to come together as a team and work as one, something the Rangers are already known for.

Despite some minor flaws in performance, the ladies have shown they are ready and able for another successful volleyball season.