The girls JV soccer team is working hard to improve upon its 11-2 record

The girls JV soccer team is working hard to improve upon its 11-2 record

With the girls JV soccer team’s season coming closer to the end, the team is trying its best to finish the season out strong. 

On Friday, May 6, the team competed against Portage Central High School. Unfortunately for the girls, they lost the second game of the season 0-1. Freshman Mia Burr is upset with the loss but knows that the girls will recover for the next game against Zeeland East High School. 

“There’s definitely some things we can work on, but altogether I think we did a really great job,” Sophomore Madi Evans said.

Zeeland East was a tough competitor, but the girls played their hardest, and that hard work paid off, allowing the girls to pull ahead and win one of their final games. Head coach John Blodgett has been working really hard with the girls so they can pull off wins like this one. 

So far, we have had a couple of low-scoring games,” coach Blodgett said. “Our defense has been outstanding, limiting our opponents to one goal per game.”

Madi scored both of their goals, allowing the girls to show off the practice that has allowed them to go this far throughout the season. With a final score of 2-2, the team is excited for its next few games in the OK White Conference.

With two losses behind them, the girls maintain an 11-2 overall record. Their next games will be played on the FHC’s home field. The Rangers will take on the Greenville Yellow Jackets, and the OK White Conference matchup will begin at 5:00 p.m.