The Ranger girls soccer team breezes through to the district final


This week started the Ranger girls soccer teams campaign in the MHSAA girls soccer state tournament. Last year the girls had a pretty successful run, and this year they will look to repeat history starting with their first-round game against Lowell.

Earlier in the year, the girls were able to take care of business against Lowell, and once again, they got it done. The girls had control from the start and were able to net a goal before half to give them the advantage. After halftime, the girls scored an additional four goals, three of which came from Haley Ward.

“Against Lowell, we did a great job keeping possession and finding each other’s feet. We all shifted up together to leave no gaps between our lines. This gave us so many offensive chances as we were able to use our midfield and outside defenders in the attack,” said Haley Ward. This overall good performance was the first step towards another state championship.

The girls next game was the district semi-final against Greenville, another team they had faired well against earlier in the year. The game featured complete domination from the Rangers who maintained a clean sheet while also running up the score. The girls were able to tally a total of 13 goals against Greenville before the game was terminated due to mercy rules.

“Against Greenville, we kept the intensity really high from the start, which allowed us to net so many goals, which gives us confidence going into the district finals,” said Ayla Thompson.

On Thursday, the girls will face their toughest opponent yet: Forest Hills Northern. Earlier in the season, the Rangers lost and won against the Huskies in close games. Not only does this game mean a lot because of the rivalry, but it also determines who will be crowned district champion and move a step closer to the state finals.

“I think we are very prepared for Northern. Their only offensive play that has been successful against us is their flip throw plays, and I believe they scored once off a corner. At practice, our defense has been practicing many reps of balls like those flying in the box for them to then be the first to get a header on it. Offensively, we plan to play quickly and then find the width. We have been practicing patterns we could use in the game,” said Haley.

This game will take place at Northern at 6 pm on Thursday, June 6.