RGSO fairs well in their past two games


Once again, the Ranger girls soccer team had another couple of games which has them feeling good thanks to how they went.

The one thing that many people critic about the game of soccer is that matches can end in a tie. While it may be a boring way to end a game, it isn’t quite as bad as a loss. In their game against Unity Christain on Friday, the Ranger girls soccer team got a satisfactory result: a tie.

After a string of tough results, the girls had a huge win against Greenville that boosted the team’s confidence, especially in the attacking third; however, this game highlighted the defense in an impressive shut-out.

“We did well because we never gave up, our defense stepped to every ball and we battled through the whole 80 mins,” said Ayla Thompson.

This game marked the second straight shutout for the girls which was an impressive feat especially considering who they played on Friday.

In this game, the girls’ opponent, Unity Christain, was ranked 1st in Division 3 while the Rangers were ranked 5th in Division 2. Although many will argue ranking does not matter, the Rangers knew that Unity Christian would be a good opponent. When the final whistle blew and the game ended with a final score of 0-0.

“We are okay with the result, obviously a win is ideal, but having a tie against Unity is great,” said Ayla.

The other game that the girls had was a conference match-up against Grand Rapids Christian. This game was different from the one against Unity Christian because the girls did well in the attacking third, which they have been practicing recently.

“For the past week and a half, all we’ve been working on in practice is possessing the ball in the middle of the field and finishing. We finally both of those goals against GRC,” said senior Frankie Sutton.

The girls were able to net a few goals this game which prevailed them to another conference win. The final score of this game was 5-1.

“This win means so much to the team. After a couple of ties, we’ve been working so hard in practice to become better and more confident and this win proved to us we are better than we think we can be sometimes,” said Frankie.

The girls will play against Forest Hills Northern in their next match-up at home at 6:45 on Thursday, May 4th.