During the winter, football season comes to an end, most sports begin to move inside so you do not get swallowed up in the snow. While tailgating at the Indianapolis 500, Chris Hutt came up with an idea to allow those who love football and miss it during the off season, along with bowling and created a new game called Fowling. 


Fowling is a game where bowling and football are combined allowing two people or teams to throw footballs at a set of pins, once you knock all the pins down you win but, there is a twist, if you hit the pin in the middle or the five pin, it’s an automatic win. Fowling is a game that is fun to play with friends or bond with your team which is what senior Carter Kelly did.


“I like Fowling because it’s a good arm workout and fun to play with friends. I first heard about it when my football team held the playoff party there, Carter said.  I have been back since then and enjoy it each time I go”. 


All sorts of people from FHC, and outside of the school, whether you are older or younger, Fowling is a great way to get closer with your friends, coworkers or family. 


Guest services manager, Megan Pleune manages the Grand Rapids building of the Fowling brand, she explains what Fowling is and why it’s fun for all ages.


It is a relatively new sport and so many people don’t know about it! It is a great way to stay active while having a BLAST with friends, Pleune said.  It is good for a date night, birthday celebrations, and everything in between. It is a really fun team bonding experience for companies, sports teams, and really any group”. 


Along with Carter, senior Jack McNamara enjoys spending time with his teammates, friends and family. Going Fowling is one of his favorite ways to grow closer to anyone.


“Fowling is a lot of fun, you can bond over the pins and have high competition. And you can work on your football accuracy. Just a good time with friends”, Jack said. 


On top of regular games, Following holds events on holidays such as mothers day with an event called, Mother day at the warehouse. If football bowling sounds like a good time or something  you want to try, there are six establishments with those being in both Hamtramck and Grand Rapids, Michigan with a third coming to Ann Arbor; Cincinnati, Ohio; Atlanta, Georgia; and Indianapolis, Indiana.  If Fowling sounds like something you, your friends, or family would enjoy, every day at 4 P.M. a new day of Fowling begins. 


 “The versatility in athletic ability we see makes us CONFIDENT that anyone can play. It is fun for all ages!” Megan Pleune said.