The girls JV soccer team’s season is about to kick off

The girls JV soccer teams season is about to kick off

Kicking back into gear, the girls JV soccer team is ready to dominate each and every one of its opponents this season. 

The new members of the team are learning about how the team runs and how they can fit in and help the team grow stronger.

Freshman Claire Field is excited for the upcoming season because she will get to bond with her teammates, hone in on her craft, and get to know more about FHC soccer and how to outshine her opponents every game. 

“I think the season is going to go pretty good; we are all pretty close and already have a strong connection,” Claire said. “Our first game is Wednesday, and I think we’re going to do pretty well due to the connection we already have.” 

Head coach John Blodgett is ready to help the girls succeed throughout the season. Knowing the girls’ skill levels are high, he believes that there will be an early success throughout the season.

“The skill level across the roster is high, which puts us in a position to start the season strong,” coach Blodgett said. “We had a great first week of practice, and I expect that to translate into early-season success as we begin our game schedule. My goal is to foster a positive environment which allows the players to push themselves and each other to get better.”

Knowing that the girls are going to face really difficult competitors, they all have been working hard to grow and develop into future varsity starters. As a result of the pre-season excitement, freshman Gretta Kreikard is optimistic about what the season is going to bring.

“I am hoping the season goes pretty well,” Gretta said. “I know that we are going to play a few tough teams, but I think that our team will be pretty good; we will be able to pull through the challenges.”

FHC’s first game of the season is on Wednesday, March 23, at 4:00 p.m. against one of the tougher teams the girls will face this season, Gull Lake Shores. This game should be a perfect early-season test for an inexperienced team.

“My favorite part of coaching is helping the athletes improve and work towards achieving their goals,” coach Blodgett said. “This is a fun and energetic group! I’m looking forward to a great season.”