Roman Kalaczinski


What is something you are most proud of in swimming?

“I’m most proud of how we’ve ranked in our conference the past couple of years. After my freshman year, we broke away from Northern and Eastern and formed just the Central team. Many people in our conference thought that we wouldn’t perform well on our own, but in the past two years, we’ve managed to prove them wrong, placing second both years.”

How does swim impact you and your time?

“It takes up a lot of time; it’s 20-ish hours a week for around four months. It forces you to learn how to organize your time effectively because it’s really easy to fall behind in other aspects of your life during swim season.”

What is your favorite part of being on the team? 

“Being a part of a great group of people. We are a small team, so we are pretty close-knit, and I think that that adds a lot to the experiences that I’ve had on the team.”

What are three fun facts about you?

“I draw, I row, and I’m on Student Council.”