JV football closes out its season with a perfect 9-0 record


The Rangers JV football team successfully completed a perfect season this year. Head coach Anthony Sultini lead his team to a 9-0 record; the Rangers’ smallest margin of victory was just six points against East Grand Rapids. 

“These guys were solid overall last season and they picked up and produced right where they left off,” coach Sultini said. “Based on the sample we have seen at the lower levels these past two seasons with them, nothing makes me worry about how they’ll do on varsity.” 

The underclassmen were ruthless against teams like Grand Blanc, Forest Hills Northern, and Grand Rapids Christian; the Rangers seemed to breeze past these opponents with ease. There is no doubting the fact that the boys dominated the OK White conference. 

“It was fun to go undefeated this year,” sophomore Roman Brummel said. “We outplayed teams on both sides of the ball on most of our possessions.” 

The Rangers JV team consisted of a lot of talented players this season including Mason McDonald, Trevor Williams, Nolan Hartl, Ty Hudkins, and Roman Brummel. The collective effort of the team was unmatched by any other school. 

“They have grit. They have focus. They are battle-tested. All things point to great things ahead,” coach Sultini commented. 

It is clear that this class has the opportunity to succeed at the varsity level next year. The impressive performances week after week by the Rangers prove that the boys are hungry for competition. Many of the starters on the JV team will be competing for the starting positions again next year. As a result, the Ranger football program has a lot to look forward to in its future.

“It was overall a great season starting it off strong, and finishing strong. There were a few close games towards the end but we came out with wins,” Nolan Hartl said. “I feel like we improved as a team greatly throughout the season, and need to keep getting better moving forward.”

Sophomore quarterback Mason McDonald accounted for the majority of the team’s points this year. McDonald scored most of his points on the ground while sprinkling in some passing touchdowns as well. 

“This is a little glimpse of what could be their junior and senior years,” coach Sultini said. “The quickness that we were able to bring on both sides of the ball we are a force to be reckoned with.”

The team’s defense was a key component to its success. Defensive ends like David Galloway and Trevor Williams were aggressive off the ball each and every play. Sophomore safety Brady Drueke stepped up to protect the long ball and even contributed on the offensive side by scoring a couple of touchdowns.

The Rangers opened up the season with a 32-7 win over Jenison; and they never took their foot off the gas, for the entirety of the year.

“Our team really came together this year,” McDonald said. “We beat some teams that we lost to freshman year, which was super exciting, and we improved tremendously as the year went on which helped us have a 9-0 season.”