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Q&A with varsity volleyball player, freshman Jenna Stibitz


Name: Jenna Stibitz

Sport: Varsity volleyball

Class: Freshman

How long have you been playing volleyball?

“I have been playing volleyball since 7th grade. I played for my school team and also played for MVA that year.”

 What other sports do you play at FHC?

“I also play basketball and track for the school, and I will probably also be doing soccer.”

What is your best memory from your time playing volleyball?

“My favorite memory within the years of playing volleyball was when I got the offer to play at the varsity level.”

 What are your individual goals for this season?

“My individual goals for this season are to better my setting abilities, as well as my all-around skills and to start to play more and build the FHC volleyball legacy.”

What is the best piece of advice a coach has given you?

“Coach Warners from Calvin University told me to have the mindset of being a 10 (always think you’re going to do the best you can at something).”

Who is the biggest influence in your athletic career and why?

“The biggest influence in my athletic career is definitely my family, which includes my sister Mia Stibitz, and my parents.”

What is your favorite class this year and why?

“Sculpture and Ceramics because my best friend is in that class as well as my sister Mia. It is also really fun and cool to express my artistic abilities.”

Who was your favorite teacher in elementary school?

“Mrs. Bocian.”

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