FHC girls varsity lacrosse team takes down Rockford

FHC girls varsity lacrosse team takes down Rockford

This previous Monday, May 15, the Forest Hills Central Ranger girls varsity lacrosse team faced off against Rockford at home for a second time this spring season. 

Going into this game, the team was pumped up to face Rockford again but definitely feeling the nerves since they had fallen short of Rockford in a past game. Rockford is a strong team with a lot of skill across the field, because of this, the girls knew that they would have to come out ready while staying reasonably confident. 

Sophomore Coco Mehney speaks about the team’s competition and performance saying, “We performed very well, but the competition was looking intense, and our biggest challenge was knowing we could easily lose if we weren’t playing our best.”

The team started off strong while keeping the focus on the competition and making sure every girl was playing her best throughout every play. Coco also says some highlights were, “Every save from Tori Bates, Skyler Tierny getting the ball back on defense and passing it down the field for a goal, and Jordan Koning getting a goal off of my feed while we were playing a man up.” 

With a stellar performance throughout the first half of the game, the girls were able to walk out of the first half pulling themselves ahead of Rockford. Sophomore Ava McDonald speaks about the team’s feelings during halftime saying, “We were feeling good going into halftime because we were up and had been ahead the whole first half.” 

The team was able to keep this energy alive going into the second half of the game and kept itself ahead of the competition, leaving FHC to take down Rockford 13-12.

The FHC girls varsity lacrosse team is looking to keep its season alive as they enter regionals on May 25. With no competition between now and regionals, the girls will not be wasting any time preparing for what is to come.