FHC takes down Spring Lake once again

FHC takes down Spring Lake once again

On Monday, May 8, the Forest Hills Central Ranger girls varsity lacrosse team again took on Spring Lake. The girls won 15-9, taking down Spring Lake for a second time this season. 

This game looked a little different than the last time FHC came face-to-face with SL. FHC and SL came together and dedicated this game to Goalies Matter and The Hidden Opponent. These two are both non-profit organizations that strive to bring awareness to mental health within athletics and student-athletes. This game brought support and donations going towards these organizations to continue to raise awareness. 

After playing Spring Lake in a game just days before, the team had gotten a feeling as to what to expect going into this game. The team had taken this previous win into consideration for this game and was feeling good about the odds of winning. 

Although the team may have had the odds in its favor, this did not necessarily show throughout every play of the game.

“The team had a slow start and a slower game overall,” said senior Margaret English. “But we still came together as a team to end strong.”

Sophomore Ava McDonald also speaks about the competition and what the team was up against saying, “Spring Lake is an easier team in our conference, but our biggest challenge was ourselves because we were playing sloppy and not communicating as we should have been.” 

After the first half of the game, the team knew that the level everyone was performing at was not the best it could possibly be. Because of this, the girls were looking to lock in on communication and play their game. 

Going into the next game, the team is looking to come back with a better performance.

“We are hoping to come back a stronger team against Northern Eastern because it is going to be a tougher competition,” Ava said.

The FHC girls varsity lacrosse team will take on FH Northern Eastern for FHC senior night. This game will be Wednesday, May 10, at Ranger Stadium at 7 pm.