FHC girls varsity lacrosse falls short to FHNE

FHC girls varsity lacrosse falls short to FHNE

This previous Wednesday, May 10th, the Forest Hills Central Rangers girls varsity lacrosse team faced a tough matchup against Forest Hills Northern Eastern in the Ranger stadium. Not only was this game a competitive and intense matchup, but it was also FHC senior night acknowledging the six seniors on the team. The girls put up a good fight but unfortunately fell just short of the Bird-Dogs 12-13. 

The girls had just come off two big wins, so going into this game emotions were high for a stellar performance throughout the competition. Because the girls had beaten FHNE in a previous matchup, they were feeling pretty confident going into this game about the team’s ability to pull off another win over FHNE. 

Sophomore Coco Mehney speaks about the team’s overall performance saying, “Overall, I’d say we performed pretty average.” Coco also said some highlights from this game, “Jordan Koning scoring the first goal of the game, Tori Bates and her saves, even with the sun directly in her eyes, and Shannon Murphy scoring past many people.” 

After the first half of the game, the girls had managed to pull ahead allowing the team to walk out of the first half with a good lead over Northern Eastern. Because of this lead, sophomore Jordan Koning says the was feeling, “very good.” As the team entered the second half of the game, the girls began to lose this lead and slowly fall behind FHNE. 

Going into the next game, the girls are looking for a comeback. Jordan says, “We are just hoping to keep playing as a team and not getting down on ourselves. If a team is coming back, we just need to not give up and play consistently throughout the whole game.” 

The girls will be taking on Rockford Monday, May 15, at the Ranger stadium.