FHC girls varsity lacrosse faces its first loss of the season against Rockford

FHC girls varsity lacrosse faces its first loss of the season against Rockford

This previous Thursday, April 27, the Forest Hills Central Rangers girls varsity lacrosse team took on Rockford in what was expected to be a tough and challenging game. Unfortunately, the team fell short to the Rams 12-9, going home with its first loss of the season.

After coming off of a significant win in the previous days against FHNE, the girls were feeling a wide range of emotions as they headed into this game.

Junior Taylor Greemann speaks about some of these emotions, stating, “The team was feeling nervous, but reasonably confident going into the game. We were all tired from the game against Northern Eastern and all feeling sick from the cold going around, but we had good hopes going into this game.” 

The team has faced some tough competition this season, but has managed to outplay its competitor in past games. Unfortunately, the team struggled a bit more throughout this game when it came to triumphing over the other team. With fatigue, illness, and a low number of players all being factors in the team’s performance, the girls struggled to put points on the board.

Senior Margaret English speaks about this, saying, “Overall, our team had a really slow start which is why we dug ourselves into a hole. Our biggest challenge was finishing the task at hand. We would get possession of the ball and continue to turn it back over.” 

Despite the fact that the team didn’t see the outcome it was expecting, the girls still managed to pick it up at times. With goals from senior Delaney Smith, a turnaround in the defense, and encouragement throughout the field, the team was able to bring itself into a slight comeback. 

Although the girls fell short at Rockford’s hands, the team is hoping for a different outcome in its next game.

“In the next game we are hoping to pick each other up more and play as a whole team, not individually,” adds sophomore Coco Mehney. 

The FHC girls varsity lacrosse team will take on East Grand Rapids on Monday, May 1, away at 7 pm.