FHC girls varsity lacrosse goes head to head against FHNE


This previous Monday, April 24, the Forest Hills Central Rangers girl’s varsity lacrosse team competed in an intense game against rival Forest Hills Northern Eastern. The team won 10-5 beating FHNE for the first time in program history. 

FHNE has been the girls’ biggest competition yet this season, and the anticipation leading up to this game was overwhelming, but the girls did not let it control them.

Junior captain Taylor Greemann speaks about the team’s emotion entering the game saying, “The team was feeling confident going into the game. We were all a little nervous because we lost to Northern Eastern last year, but we were confident in ourselves for the game.”

The girls started this game off strong and aware of the skill they would need to bring to the field; FHNE is a strong defensive team so the Rangers knew that they would have to come in even stronger both defensively and offensively.

Junior Skyler Tierney says, “Because their defense is really tough, our offense had to work extra hard to move the ball around.”

Sophomore Coco Mehney speaks about the team’s performance saying, “We performed pretty well. I wouldn’t say it was our best offensive game but the defense was pretty good.” Coco also says some big moments in the game were, ”Tori Bates saving some really good shots, Ava McDonald scoring off a cut, and Gabby Hendricks scoring twice off of a transition.” 

Going into halftime, the team was up by one. After dominating the first half of the game, the team was feeling confident as it prepared to face the second half of the game. The team brought back to the field the confidence and drive it would take to take down a team like FHNE, and by doing so the girls were able to take home yet another win. 

As the team goes into its next game, the girls’ coach Zoe Mamo speaks about the upcoming goals the team has set saying, “We hope to use this big win to add even more confidence and intensity for the remainder of the season and continue to carry it into our game against Rockford.”

The girls’ varsity lacrosse team will take on Rockford, on April 26, away at 7 pm.