Talking sports at school


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Many students who attend school struggle to find something to talk about with their teachers. This potential struggle to find common ground  to talk about may or may not necessarily make students feel blocked off from their teachers. But, there are some teachers who do in fact follow sports. Sports can unite people on many levels. Currently, talk about who your team should target in the upcoming NFL draft, or who may win the Stanley Cup, or who may be the next NBA MVP? While this is definitely a good way to get into a good conversation for some people, if your teacher follows any sport. talking about it will certainly make you closer to your teacher.

My fourth hour teacher, Mr. Davis, greatly enjoys talking about the Lions’ future success as well as talking about any NFL news that is going on. We have grown closer as teacher and student since it is a topic that we are both into. Mr. Sultini, unsurprisingly as the teacher who is in charge of the FHC Sports Report class, also enjoys talking about football, especially about the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers (even though he just got traded to the Jets). I, as a Detroit Lions fan, like to taunt him about how the Lions swept the Packers this past season and how the Packers are en route for a rebuild. The banter that we share is fun and always generates ethical and logical points in our conversation. Jackson Traughber justifies how he believes the Chicago Bears are better than both teams, to which Sultini and I are quick to point out how Fields cannot throw the ball and how his O-line is one of the worst in football. What was once a discussion between two people changed to a discussion among three. Talking sports has a way of uniting people.

But why do we like talking about sports? Sports do not make any difference in our lives unless we play them, so why do we talk about the topic?

People love to entertain themselves, whether it be on an electronic device, on a smartphone. or by watching television. While I suppose you can compare watching the Super Bowl to a very eventful movie, most movies are not real; however, watching a sport on television is important because it shows what the human body can do on the national stage, and we are impressed by it. When a teacher you know has watched an eventful football game, and you bring it up to him or her, he or she will very likely talk about how the game was because it was something that stayed in his or her brain as he or she went to bed that night and woke up the next morning. Sports are memorable on a variety of levels and unites people regardless if they are athletes or not.

So, if you are a fan of a popular sport, such as football, baseball, or basketball, and if you want to talk to someone about it, your teachers are actually good options as most of them enjoy the same thrills of watching sports just like the students.