The JV water polo program celebrates a combined victory against Mason


The JV water polo players continued their season with a combined game against the Mason Bulldogs.

Coming off a game against Rockford, the JV team combined with the varsity team for the varsity tournament. Although this could be seen as a slight inconvenience, it proved to be beneficial for the program as a whole. The upside is not only the win, but also the experience that the JV players gained from playing at the varsity level.

The game was played on April 15, at Mason High School. With a complete team and program effort, the Rangers proved victorious and left the pool with a 10-2 victory.

The team continues to show spirit thus far into the season, and hopefully will continue as it enters the homestretch of the season before it comes to an end. The team has played against many teams above its skill level as many of its opponents played against varsity teams, due to the fact there are very few JV water polo teams in the area.

The JV team now builds upon the momentum of this win and looks ahead to facing its next JV opponent.