Girls JV water polo team wraps up its phenomenal season despite many challenges that they faced


As the girls JV water polo team finishes their season, they have a lot to be excited for. Many of the players on the team will most likely consider playing on the varsity team once the next season starts.  The varsity team itself is currently in the regional finals against the number one ranked team in the state, Hudsonville, after playing through the district playoffs that determined their seeding. Despite not qualifying for the postseason, just like every JV team, the girls are ready to cheer and support their fellow teammates as they compete against difficult competition going into this postseason. 

Although there are some doubts about whether or not there will be a JV team next year, the main reason being that water polo is not a popular sport, with the success of this past season though, the team is hoping to recruit and inspire some younger girls to want to be apart of this amazing atmosphere. 

However, one issue that the Forest Hills JV water polo team faced this year was regarding who they had to play. Due to the fact that not many schools have complete JV water polo teams, the girls faced the issue of having to play against varsity players and even entire teams. This puts the girls at a disadvantage solely to the fact that the varsity girls have more experience and knowledge of the game. Nonetheless, the girls would go into every game with much force and spirit, which would show as they competed and sometimes even topped their varsity opponents.

Overall, the girls had an outstanding season, even with the many disadvantages that they had to face. They were able to look past the hardships of having to play varsity teams and took this as an opportunity to gain better knowledge of what playing on varsity would be like. The team was able to grow in many senses on how to play a better game, such as communicating, passing, and shooting. With all these new challenges that they faced and the new skills that they gained, the girls are looking forward to their next season and are excited to see what will be in store for the Forest Hills JV water polo team.