FHC girls varsity lacrosse team secures yet another win against Mercy

FHC girls varsity lacrosse team secures yet another win against Mercy

This previous Saturday, April 22, the Forest Hills Central Rangers girls varsity lacrosse team took on Mercy High School at home. With the girls holding a solid record from the start of the season, the desire to continue winning was high. The team was able to fulfill this desire by taking down Mercy 16-2 continuing the team’s winning record of 5-0. 

After coming off of a win the previous day, the girls were looking for yet another one going into this game all while keeping an eye on the possibilities the competition held. Junior captain Taylor Greemann speaks about how the team was feeling entering the game saying, “The team was feeling pretty good going into the game. We did not know much about Mercy High School overall so we couldn’t feel too confident.” 

The girls took this confidence into the game and let it show in the team’s play. The team’s main struggle is the low number of players, but although the girls may have been tired from the lack of subbing out, they managed to keep possession of the ball and continue to move it around the field in order to keep the Rangers ahead. Senior Margaret English shares her opinion on the team’s overall performance saying, “Overall I thought the team worked together really well yesterday creating opportunities for everyone. Our defense was also doing a really good job on the transition.” The girls worked well to transition as senior Tori Bates picked up saves in the goal and by doing so created opportunities for players such as sophomore Elly Teliczan to see her way to the goal to score for the Rangers. 

The girls held onto this confidence and drive as the first half of the game ended and the team entered the second half. Junior Taylor Greemann said, “During halftime, we were feeling very confident, we were able to gain possession and keep it down on the attacking side and we were mostly just looking to get up by 10 points for a running clock in the second half.”

As the team heads into its next game against Forest Hills Northern-Eastern, the team has some tough competition ahead of them. Sophomore Ava McDonald speaks about this competition saying, “We know that Northern-Eastern is going to be a tough game so we are hoping to play our best and hopefully come out with a win against them.”

The team will be competing against Forest Hills Northern-Eastern this Monday, April 24, away at Northern at 7.  Good luck to the team as it looks to pull off a win against FHNE for the first time in program history.