The FHC girls varsity lacrosse team takes down Brighton


This previous Friday, April 21, the Forest Hills Central girls varsity lacrosse team faced off against the Brighton Bulldogs. The girls won 21-9 taking down Brighton and continuing the winning streak. 

Although the team may have been walking onto the field ready after coming off of some great wins, the team was still unsure as to what was waiting for it this game. Sophomore Ava McDonald speaks about the team’s unsureness saying, “We were feeling good about the game because we had done well the first three games but we weren’t sure how Brighton was going to be this year so we did not underestimate them.” 

With an extremely great performance from the team and some very strong offense, the girls caught a lead early on in the game and were able to hold onto it. With senior Shannon Murphy taking possession of the ball off of the draw, around seven goals from senior Gabby Hendricks, a goal from sophomore Ava McDonald, and senior goalie Tori Bates and her amazing saves, the girls were able to catch a big lead by the end of the first half and keep the energy alive. “We played really well. Our passing was really good and I think a highlight was just the team chemistry we had.”

As the team progresses further into its season, the competition is looking tougher. The girls varsity coach Zoe Mamo speaks about this upcoming tough competition saying, “We have a tough next week ahead of us with Rockford and FHNE so we need to take this high energy and team play into those games.”

With the energy and anticipation high, the girls are looking to continue this winning streak and carry this emotion into the team’s next game this upcoming Monday, April 24, away against Forest Hills Northern Eastern.