Varsity softball falls short to Byron Center during double-header


After a rocky start to the season, the girls varsity softball team goes into it fourth and fifth games of the season with high hopes to keep morale up and have a chance at beating the Byron Center Bulldogs. A tough game for the girls did not allow for their luck to change in this doubleheader, but they are excited for another opportunity to show how hard they have been working.

Coach Tracy Jenkins realizes that the past few competitors were difficult and highly ranked in their division. He believes that the girl’s next game is where they will begin to make an impact on the softball community.

“They are always one of the better teams in West Michigan. The team we lost our opener to, (Calvin Christian) is ranked 3rd in the state in Division 3 so our opening 3 opponents are very formidable. After Byron Center we should start seeing teams that are more in our talent level,” coach Jenkins said.

As a captain a lot of responsibility falls onto them, one caption, in particular, is Charlotte Stephan. After being out due to an injury the past couple of weeks, Byron Center was the first team she got to play against. The game was tough but that did not stop Charlotte from trying to keep the team as positive as they could throughout the game.

‘The most exciting thing about being able to play again is being able to help the team out on the field and being able to support everyone out there. It is really hard for me to sit on the bench,” Charlotte said.

During the game, a few of the players had some very solid plays along with hits by players such as captain Maya Holser with a homerun for the Rangers.

The girls have their next double-header, Thursday, April 13, against Comstock Park, at 4:15 on the Ranger softball field. Make sure to make it out to show support for the girls.