The girls varsity basketball team learn to embrace every moment throughout its season


Throughout life, it is known to always embrace everything thrown one’s way, whether that be good or bad. That concept is no different here at Forest Hills Central; however, one team in particular that experienced this tremendously during this past winter season was the girls varsity basketball team. 

Going into the 2022-2023 season, the girls were ready for anything that would be thrown their way. With this mindset, they went into every game ready to give it their all no matter what. One change though that the girls had to learn to adapt to at the beginning of the season was the change in the head coach. Not only did the girls have to adapt to a new coach, but also learn to embrace the new program that the team is building. 

“Building a new program with new expectations takes some time,” Coach K said. “We need to give ourselves some grace and keep pushing forward.”

Even with the new coach and program, the team was able to pull through this season with a 9-15 record. Although there were times when parts would be disappointing, there were many more moments that were memorable. One of those moments was the girls winning in overtime against Northview. However, with those disappointing moments, the girls learned and were able to jump back without hesitation. They made sure that in every game they went into, their spirits were also high. Whether that be cheering on the bench or constantly hyping the girls up on the court, there was never a time when no one was being supported. 

Although the girls were not able to end the season the way they had hoped, they are more than ready to go into the season with high hopes. With a better understanding of how the next season will go, they will not have to feel like guinea pigs. However, it will be a change due to the girls losing five seniors this season. Even though this is quite disappointing to the team, it is also exciting to see what the future holds for this great group of girls. 

All in all, the season for the girls varsity basketball team was a great success not because of the record of games they won but because of how the girls embraced every moment. They were able to show everyone how much of an inspiration this team truly is based on their actions toward one another and other teams while also learning how to keep their heads held high no matter what. And as Coach K stated, “When we fall down, we need to get back up and work hard to improve.”