Why you should be a sports journalist

Why you should be a sports journalist

As students are submitting their classes for next year, many teachers are “advertising” their classes so that students and teachers alike can get what they want. While I am certainly not a teacher, I will give you good reasons as to why you should join the Advanced Writing for Publication class, more commonly known as FHC Sports Report, and become a sports journalist.

#1 – There are no writing prerequisites for the class

Unlike The Central Trend, FHC Sports Report does not require you to already have certain credits or requirements to enroll in the class. Therefore, instead of having to enroll in Writing for Publication as the prerequisite, you can enroll in Sports Report as early as the first semester of your freshman year, although it is recommended by Mr. Sultini that newcomers wait until the first semester of their sophomore year. All you need to do is choose “Advanced Writing for Publication” on your course request sheet, and hopefully you will be covering FHC sports soon afterward.

#2 – Manageable workload

Many writing classes have an abundance of homework. The workload for FHC Sports Report is extremely and easily manageable if you stay on top of it. Each week you will be asked to write either an editorial or a feature and you will alternate these every week. You will also be assigned a sport at the beginning of the season, and it is your responsibility to cover it by writing recaps of their contests. In addition to your team coverage, there are times when you are encouraged to attend the game and tweet about it in order for fans in the community can follow the contest. As a rule of thumb, the more you stay on top of your responsibilities, the more free time you will have.

#3 – Positive, team-building environment

Probably the greatest thing about being a sports journalist for FHC Sports Report is having a bunch of fellow journalists to be able to build on each others ideas. Each day, everyone discusses with one another how to improve on our writing and many give ideas to others so that you can be successful in your own published writing. Afterall, if you are doing well, the class is doing well.

This is Editor-in-Chief, Lucas Thompson’s favorite thing about being in the class. “The class always provides a positive environment for writing and team building.”

As someone who has only been in the class for just over one semester, it is a great environment with encouraging people who are willing to help you in any way and give any advice that they can.

#4 – Plentiful free-time

When you have completed and submitted your feature, editorial, and recap(s) for publication, you are finished for that week. Therefore, you have plenty of time to finish homework outside of class or start writing your next articles. If you are good with organization, time management, and have the ability to work independently when needed, then you are in good shape to pass the class.

For all of these reasons, you should definitely become a sports journalist. If you are ready to make a commitment to making deadlines, become a free-thinker, and form new bonds with your fellow journalists, you are totally capable of being a sports journalist. If you do not think so, let someone read your work, and I’m sure that they will appreciate it and see that you are fully capable of being a part of the FHC Sports Report family.