The girls varsity basketball team takes a disappointing loss for its final regular game of the season


Sports have always been known for having great rivalries like Ohio State versus Michigan, or Green Bay Packers versus Detroit Lions, and it is no surprise that at Forest Hills Central, there are some rivalries as well. One of the largest rivalries though is the battle between FHC versus the East Grand Rapids Pioneers, and on Friday, February 24, the girls varsity basketball team went up against the well-known Pioneers. However, this game was not only just a rivalry game but it also was the last game of the regular season before heading into playoffs. 

Going into this game, the girls knew that it was not going to be an easy game. A couple of weeks prior, the girls took a hard hit against EGR with a score of 54-34. With this in mind, the team went into its game with much determination. Sadly, the girls could not come out of this game on top with a score of 54-27. Even though the outcome was not the desired goal, they still played the game till the very end. 

At the start of the game, EGR made it known that they were not playing around. This was known by the constant back and forth of both teams, but the Pioneers were able to gain possession of the ball a great deal more which would become evident by the end of the first quarter with EGR in the lead 10-6. 

The movement of the game stayed consistent throughout the second quarter as it did in the first quarter. However, East Grand Rapids was able to gain fast turnovers which would allow them more possession of the ball. EGR was also able to take advantage of the fouls that FHC would give them, and this resulted in many free throw shots being made against the Lady Rangers. This would end the first half with the Pioneers in the lead 24-16.

Once the third quarter started, there was a shift in how East played. They started to play more aggressively and would take the ball whenever possible, no matter the consequences. The Lady Rangers we not able to keep up with this intense shift of pace which would carry over into the fourth quarter resulting in EGR winning 54-27.

Although this was a disappointing loss for the Rangers, the girls were able to take away so much more from this game than just the loss. They were able to see what needs to be improved on going into their next game against Greenville on Monday, February 27. This game will be the start of the playoff season and will be an away game that will begin at 5:30 pm.