The girls varsity basketball team took a sad loss against Lowell


When a sports season is coming to an end, all teams want to end with their best foot forward. That is no different here at Forest Hills Central with the girls varsity basketball team. 

Coming off of its last game against Greenville on Friday, February 17, with a splendid win 43-35, the girls were going into their next game against Lowell craving a win. However, that was not the case sadly. Earlier in the season, on January 24, the girls took a hard hit against Lowell and lost 74-33, so they knew going in that this would not be an easy game. 

Coach K explained this after their first game against Lowell when she said, “We struggled with Lowell’s pressure defense and we turned over a lot. Lowell converted those turnovers into points.”

With this in mind, the girls were able to better understand what they were going into rather than going in blind, similar to the first time they played them. This would allow them to go into the game with much determination and motivation to create more of a fight against Lowell. They wanted to make sure that everyone knew that they were not going down without a fight. Even with all this might, the girls sadly came out of this game with a loss of 63-30. 

Although they were not able to come out with this win, the team was able to use this game as a way to show improvement from its first time playing against Lowell. This would later be proven true by the final score and it showed that they were able to hold their opponents from creating a more substantial lead as they did in the first game. However, the girls’ season is still not done, and they are ready to go into their final game of the regular season against East Grand Rapids. They will be playing this game away on Friday, February 24, which will start at 6:00 pm. This game will not only be one of their last games but will be highly competitive due to the rivalry between the two schools, so make sure to make it out and support our Lady Rangers in their final regular season game before playoffs.