The girls varsity basketball team has a great comeback win against Northview after a tough loss to Byron Center


For many sports here at FHC, they tend to deal with extremely busy schedules, and one team in particular that deals with this is the girls varsity basketball team. For instance, it usually has two games a week on Tuesdays and Fridays, and that was no different the week of February 6-10. On Tuesday, February 7, the girls played a team, Bryon Center, which they struggled to beat a few weeks prior and sadly came out with the loss 72-30. However, this did not stop them from going into their next one against Northview with a victory on their mind. 

Going into this game, the girls knew this would be no walk in the park. Not only were they playing for the win, but it was also their senior and Winterfest night, so the pressure to win was high. Even with high stakes, they still took the circumstance that was handed to them and made the most out of it by knowing exactly what they needed to do. 

“Knowing Northview didn’t match our size very well, our plan was to drive the paint and feed the post,” Coach K said. 

Once the game started, the girls were able to recognize that Northview was not here to mess around; Northview was there for revenge due to the game earlier in the season that they lost in overtime to FHC. Because of this, the girls had a rough start to their game. 

“We got off to a very slow start and struggled to execute on that strategy,” Coach K said. “It wasn’t until the middle of the second quarter when things started to click.” 

This would allow them to start to pull away; however, Northview still put up a fight that second half with a back-and-forth battle between the two teams. 

Even so, the girls were able to come out victorious against Northview with a score of 39-35. The girls varsity basketball team will be playing Grand Rapids Christian on Tuesday, February 13. This game will be away and will start at 7:00 p.m.