Athletic superstitions


It is no secret that many athletes have varying superstitions that range from wearing a certain pair of shorts for a basketball game to eating black licorice while pitching and then brushing teeth between innings in a baseball game. Though these examples belong to professional athletes, these superstitions can be very comparable to those of FHC athletes.

While Michael Jordan felt the need to wear his University of North Carolina shorts under his uniform in every NBA game of his career, our FHC students have their own rituals. Senior goalie Justin Baehr and the rest of his hockey teammates have two different superstitions that they believe has led them to the six game win streak they are currently on. “During this win streak, we have solely worn groutfits to the games and we have been on a 6 game win streak since,” Justin stated.  “We also have a totem pole that we worship who brings us good luck.” The players have been playing very well recently, and who is to say it’s not because of their totem?

Another quirk at FHC is from junior volleyball player Letizia Cumbo-Nacheli, who has a little different idea. “Throughout my volleyball career, I’ve had the same white arm sleeves, and even though they’re beaten up and almost turning yellow, I have to use them and have them on the same arms every time because if not, it’s bad luck,” ‘TZ’ told me. “This year during volleyball, I had to sit in the same seat every time I was on the bench because if not, it was bad juju.” The Ranger volleyball team was very successful this season while TZ’s superstitions were in affect, which presents the idea that the next season should not be much different.

Carter Lyons, a senior bowler, also has a superstition with his jewelry. Carter wears his ‘lucky ring’ every match he bowls in. “The ring gives me extra motivation and a healthier mindset when I bowl, which feels like the reasons I bowl well” he exclaimed. Carter’s bowling career has been short but sweet, as he made the varsity squad his first year trying out. He clearly has skill, but maybe it is also because he is getting special help from that ring.

Some people see superstitions as silly, little gimmicks with no affect, but it’s very common for athletes to feel the need to always keep things the same. I, like Carter, rely on my jewelry. I always wear my cross and number eighteen chains for every baseball game or golf match. Does it help anything? I do not know, but it gives me an extra morale boost and more confidence knowing I have them. When I’m looking good and feeling good, I play well. In the end, who cares what your superstitions are when you are holding the trophy.