An unfortunate second straight loss for FHC track


After coming off of a tough placement of 14th at the Cougar Invite, the FHC boys track team was unable to recover from the low morale resulting from that loss, and ended up taking another. When taking on East Grand Rapids, the score came out to be 75-61, with EGR on top. While it was a loss, it was a close meet, and it gave the runners some insight on what they need to improve on the reach their goal of conference champions.

“We made a few mistakes on the sprint side that cost us much needed points,” Max Meadow explains. “It was a tough loss.”

Max himself came in third for the 100m, first in the 4×100 relay, and first in the 200m. He did his part for the team, but however this isn’t a one man show. All runners need to contribute for a victory, and unfortunately the EGR runners were just a bit faster than the team this time around.

Another key contributor to the team, Will Banfield, also competed well as usual, placing first in the 800m and the 4×800 relay. He has been known to win a lot, and so nobody is surprised to see him at number one. Normally with winning comes a positive attitude, and this was exactly that case.

“I believe that we performed well collectively, even though a few mistakes were made,” Will noted. “The future looks bright as practice will eliminate smaller errors that hold us back. We are getting better every day as a team.”

His optimism is well placed. The team has had very good meets earlier in the season, and while they may have had two drawbacks now, they are still a strong team and won’t hold back the rest of the season.

Charlie Afman also had a reflection on the meet, stating that they had “hard competition from EGR,” and that it was “definitely our most competitive meet so far this season, and we will look forward to seeing them in conferences again.”

The team will have everlasting confidence, and that confidence will do its part in helping the runners move faster, and give FHC more wins. The next example of this will be Friday, April 28, at Michigan State University.