Boys track hits a hindrance at Cougar Invite


While it had been completely and utterly dominant, the boys varsity track team, unfortunately, met its match at the Cougar Invite. On Saturday, April 22, the boys went to race in their first invitational, hosted by Grand Rapids Catholic Central, with 17 other opponents. Because of the more populated, higher division teams also at the invite, the Rangers placed 14th out of 18. The teams were only allowed to send a certain number of runners, so it wasn’t able to use its depth to their advantage. To add on to that, some of the runners dropped out as a precaution because they didn’t feel 100%. To put into perspective just how dominant the top schools from the invite were, the top two teams scored 108 and 101, while third place was way behind at 67. Unfortunately, the Rangers were way below at 15.

While the Rangers couldn’t be as successful at this invite, their dominance in conference meets has been unquestionable, and it is leaving positive impacts for the runners.

Connor DiLorenzo noted that, “It feels great destroying other teams in the early conference meets.” To him it shows how strong the team is and proves they have a good chance at being the conference champions. At the same time, it gives him, along with his teammates, satisfaction and joy from winning every week.

It’s no question the team is having fun and enjoying the season, but that doesn’t come without prior sacrifice and hard work.

When asked what the team has done to be so successful, junior Charlie Afman answered with the following statement: “I’d say it’s our work ethic and how our captains push us to get the most out of us. It doesn’t matter if it’s in practice or at a meet.”

Attitude reflects leadership, therefore it’s easy to see how well the team is being lead by the coaches and captains. Seeing that early on is a great sign, and they know it’s only getting better from here.┬áThe Ranger runners are going back out on the track this Wednesday, April 26, at East Grand Rapids high school.