Another OK White tri-meet means another pair of wins for the boys track and field team


On April 19, the Rangers’ best runners proved themselves and the OK White Tri-Meet at Lowell High School. While taking on Lowell and Grand Rapids Christian, the Rangers came out on top against both opponents.

Will Banfield, and junior, has yet to finish below first place this season, taking the gold in many races, such as the 4×800 relay, with help from Sawyer McCarthy, Jacob Sanford, and Trevor Timmer, beating Lowell, who came in third for that race, by a minute and twenty seconds. That is a massive amount of time in a race, which is why FHC had no trouble beating Lowell overall. Teamwork is unquestionable, as is the dominance of the team. They are still undefeated this season, and they don’t see that ending anytime soon.

“We practice hard,” team hype man Connor DiLorenzo stated, “Me myself, I take a very important leadership role and support the team all the way through.”

Many runners can attest to that. “Dilo” is a very well-liked and appreciated member of the team. The team most definitely wouldn’t be the same without him keeping everyone in a positive, winning attitude. While mental strength is important, it still won’t be enough without the talent that these runners have trained to achieve.

More success came from events like the shot put, with Max Richardson taking first, the 800-meter sprint, with Will Banfield taking first again, and the 200-meter sprint, with Max Meadow, Chris Dongmo, and Alex Dixon taking first, second, and third. Not only did they win, but some runners achieved mental rewards of their own.

“A lot of runners improved their PRs because of how well we ran today.” Ryan Sutherland stated. PR, of course, means a personal record, as in new fastest times for the racers, which is a huge morale boost for the Rangers, which will help them take first again on Saturday.