The girls varsity basketball team came out with a win against rival FHN


On Friday, February 3, the girls varsity basketball team played an intense game against one of its largest rivalry teams: Forest Hills Northern. This game is not only a rivalry between the two groups but between the two schools as well. Due to the pressure that the girls were receiving going into this game, they left everything on the court, allowing them to come out of this ferocious game on top 38-32. 

Going into the first quarter, the girls were preparing for anything that Northern was going to throw their way. They not only were prepared, but they also were gearing up to be able to have possession of the ball as much as possible. With that mindset, the girls were able to come out of the first quarter with a great lead over Northern 14-2.

This lead, however, did not stop them from staying this far ahead of the Huskies. As the second quarter progressed, they were taking a lot of accurate shots while also taking advantage of the fouls gained from Northern. This would allow them to stay in the lead at the end of the first half with a score of 23-11.

The mindset that the girls had going into the first half did not change going into the third quarter. One main issue though that the girls were dealing with regularly in this quarter were the fouls that they were giving to FHN. Although they were able to still keep their lead by the end of this quarter 33-19, they still were able to give Northern a bit of a confidence boost going into the fourth quarter. 

As the fourth quarter began, Northern came out of the gates hot and ready. They not only were able to gain possession of the ball more, but they were able to take advantage of that possession and take as many shots as possible. This would lead them to come back with two minutes left with a score of 35-32. However, FHC was able to get back into the game and extended its lead with one minute left in the game that Northern was not able to come back from. This would allow the girls to end the game on a high note with the win 38-32. 

This game not only showed the girls that they are able to stay with it even if they are coming back but to also play the game until the end, even if they are staggering behind by over ten points. Because of what the girls were able to take away from this game, they are preparing for what is to come going into the next game against Byron Center. They will be playing this game at home on Tuesday, February 6, at 7:00 pm.