The girls varsity basketball team comes out with a phenomenal win against Calvin Christian


On Tuesday, January 31, the girls varsity basketball team took on Calvin Christian in an intense game, but the girls came out on top with a score of 68-48. However, it took a great deal of effort for them to be able to come out of this game with the win. 

Starting off the first quarter, the girls came out with much force. They were the first team to put points on the scoreboard, but that did not stop Calvin Christian from staying hot on their tales. CC was able to prove this by ending the quarter with a tie game of 14-14.

Although the girls were able to start off strong in the first quarter, they were not able to gain the first points of the second quarter which allowed CC to have an advantage of 17-14. That three-pointer that CC was able to gain only motivated the girls more which led to sophomore Inara Banks scoring four three-pointers in a matter of a few minutes. 

“I felt really good,” Inara said, “It was a boost for me because I felt like I wasn’t really that good.”

After scoring those four shots, the rest of the team’s confidence exploded which led to them going into the third quarter with a lead of 36-30. 

Even with the lead that the girls had gained from that second quarter, that did not stop them from racking the points up more in the third quarter. They were able to do this by turning over the ball a great deal more than Calvin Christian which gave the girls a huge advantage in being able to gain possession of the ball. Because of this, the girls were able to end the third quarter with a great lead over CC 51-39.

With their lead going into the fourth and final quarter, the girls were going to stop at nothing to walk out of this game with the win and that is exactly what they did. They were not only playing better defense and offense, but they were not allowing CC to gain fouls on them that could possibly give them free points if made. They also were able to see how CC game started to change and the girls were able to gain a few fouls on them to gain an extra five points. After a bit, this reflected on the scoreboard with the Forest Hills Central girls varsity basketball team coming out on top with the win of 68-48. 

This win, however, will not stop the girls from seeing what needs to be improved on.

“We are going to work on our defense and getting more steals,” Inara said, “We are also going to be working on rebounding, better shots, and making smart choices.”

With everything that the girls were able to take away from this game, both positive and negative, the girls are preparing to go into their next game against one of their largest rivals, Forest Hills Nothern, where the Lady Rangers will be playing away on Friday, February 3, at 5:30 p.m.