The girls varsity basketball team took a hard hit against Lowell


In sports, you can win some and you can lose some; however, how you handle each situation can determine the kind of athlete you truly are. At Forest Hills Central, the girls varsity basketball team has shown this throughout its entire 2022-2023 season and that is no different from its most recent game against Lowell.

On Tuesday, January 24, the girls played a tough game but sadly came out with a loss of 74-33. Throughout the entirety of the game, the girls struggled to keep up with the strong basketball force of Lowell.

“Lowell is a solid team and we couldn’t gain any ground,” Coach K said. “We struggled with Lowell’s pressure defense and we turned the ball over a lot.” 

Due to the ball being turned over multiple times in Lowell’s favor, they were able to gain a large advantage and score consistently. 

Although the girls were not able to beat or keep up with Lowell’s powerhouse of a team, they still kept pushing through no matter the score. The girls never give up and are always looking for something that needs improvement. For instance, they will use this game as a stepping stone into what needs to be done on the court to better improve not only themselves but the team as a whole.

“Right now we are focusing on fundamentals and playing to our full potential,” coach K said. 

Even with this hard loss against Lowell, the girls are preparing and getting ready to play a fun and exciting game against nonother than one of Forest Hills Central’s biggest rivals: East Grand Rapids. The girls will be playing this game at home on Friday, January 26, and the game will begin at 5:30 pm.