The girls bowling team makes quick work of the FHN Huskies


Sweet sweet victory. The Rangers have beaten the Forest Hills Northern Huskies in proper fashion. Not only is this a huge win against the school’s biggest rival, but this is a huge step toward a powerful second half of the season.

“Two things stood out,” said head bowling coach Jerry Tarabek, “first of all, the teamwork and the support from everyone on the team was great, and secondly, some of the drills we have been working on are starting to show improvement in a number of our bowlers.”

This is the second time this season that the Rangers have beaten the Huskies, and this time around there was no mercy. The ladies handily beat the Huskies, showing off their hard work since the last time these teams met. This is a strong boost of confidence for the Rangers, this win is hopefully going to be one of many for the next part of the regular season. The ladies’ next competition is against the Greenville Yellowjackets, a tough team with a good skill set, but the ladies are ready for a challenge like this. One that is going to prove to the crowd that the Rangers are a team not to be taken lightly.

“We are going to continue to work on consistency in the mechanics of each bowler and maintain a focused approach at each meet,” quoted coach Tarabek. “The girls are improving a lot and it is showing up in many of the stats I track and I am pleased with their progress at this point.”

The girls are receiving high praise from not only their coaches but also from fans and peers. Their work is not going unnoticed, and it is exciting to see this team get so ecstatic that they are working so hard and seeing it pay off in a big way. Wednesday’s competition is not a guaranteed win but if the girls can keep this momentum going fans should not be surprised to see the Rangers stomp the Yellowjackets.

Wednesday’s match will be at Jacket Lanes at 3:30 pm.