An outstanding comeback for the girls varsity basketball team hands its the win against Greenville


For many people in the world of sports, there are many ups and downs. However, how one embraces those ups and downs can truly change an outcome of a practice, game, event, etc. This was displayed perfectly at the girls varsity basketball game this past Friday, January 20, against Greenville. 

In the game prior, the girls lost a tough game to Grand Rapids Christian; nevertheless, they did not let that game discourage them from playing at their best against Greenville. This mindset paid off because the girls came out of that game with the win, 47-36. 

Throughout this game, the girls knew what had to be done to pull off the win against Greenville.

“Overall we played really well,” Coach K said. “We showed much more composure and patience on offense.” 

Although the girls did struggle a bit in the second quarter, they were still able to pull through and end the game with a strong second half. Some players, however, had a very strong game. For instance, Maggie Snieder came out of this game with 18 out of 47 points that were scored, and she had 18 rebounds that allowed her team to have a great amount of possession with the ball. Another player that was able to add a lot to this game was Addison Reuter who did a fantastic job defending Greenville’s leading scorer. 

Even though there were some players that were able to boost or enhance the outcome of the game, the team as a whole was able to not only pull through with the win but come out with a strong showing against Greenville. Nonetheless, the girls are still able to see what needs to be improved to be able to perform at a higher level. 

“We need to keep working on defensive principles,” Coach K said. “And also shooting with confidence.” 

With these many improvements in mind, the girls are preparing to head into their next home game against Lowell. They will be playing on Tuesday, January 24, at 7 pm. Make sure to head out to support our fellow Lady Rangers in their next battle against the Lowell Red Arrows.