Girls bowling falls short against Lowell


The girls varsity bowling team suffered another loss to the Lowell Red Arrows this past Wednesday. Unfortunately, this was nowhere near the ladies’ best performance, in fact, it may have been one of their toughest matches yet.

It is difficult having to write stories like these when the girls lose because this talented group makes it known what kind of team it is. These girls are a team that is more than capable to win when the win is theirs to take. This team may be young, but these Lady Rangers have great potential.

“I think we could have stayed more focused during the match,” quoted senior Paris Gooch, “and I think we could have been more consistent in hitting our marks.”

The Lady Rangers haven’t seen a change in the results of their last couple of competitions, and when a team doesn’t see a change on the “field”, it means that there needs to be a change on the “practice field”.

“We need to go back to the basics,” said Paris Gooch. “I think one of our problems with being focused was us being too worried about our averages instead of just bowling and having fun.”

Identifying what the problems are is one thing, but knowing what the team needs to do to fix them is another. Even if it is just a slight adjustment to the girls’ footwork or timing, it could mean a huge difference between victory and defeat.

“We did some drills today that highlighted the way the ball should roll off of our hands,” reported Paris.

The ladies are optimistic going into the next half of the season knowing that a positive team is a hard team to beat. If the girls keep making the small adjustments that are necessary to win matches, the sky is the limit for what they can achieve in the next month.

The girls’ next competition will be this Saturday, at Fairlanes, at 8:30 am where they will be competing in the Zeeland East invitational. This could be the first step in a new beginning for this team.