GRC swoops a win away from the Lady Rangers


There are many aspects that go into a performance for one’s sport like practice, skill, time, energy, etc. However, a critical point that some might realize can greatly impact how a game or event can go: knowing your opponent. At Forest Hills Central, the girls varsity basketball team has been able to display that ideal with the preparations that go into every game, and that is no different with their most recent game. 

This past Tuesday, January 17, the girls played a tough game against Grand Rapids Christian but lost 63-34. Although it was a hard game to lose, they knew what they needed to focus on during this game to make sure that Grand Rapids Christian knew they were not going down without a fight. 

“We felt like we needed to have a better defense than our prior games,” sophomore Addison Reuter said. “Due to how good Grand Rapids Christian’s offense is.”

Going into the first quarter, the girls were more than ready for this battle against GRC. Throughout that quarter, there was a back-and-forth effect between the two teams when it came to points. When FHC would score, GRC would bounce right back and score. This would lead to the score being extremely close at the end of the first quarter 13-11. 

However, GRC started to gain an advantage against FHC during the second quarter. The GRC girls were able to gain possession of the ball a great deal more than in the previous quarter which would allow them to score at a lot faster rate than FHC. Due to this, by the end of the first half, GRC would be in the lead 30-21. 

Once the second half began, that’s when GRC truly was able to get into its grove. As the Eagles stepped into their stride and momentum, FHC was not able to keep up with the speed and turnover rate that Grand Rapids Christian was producing and by the end of the game, the girls would lose this exhausting game 63-34. 

Even with this tough loss for the girls, they are still able to look at the positives that they were able to gain from this game, like the improvements that can be made.

“We are focusing on the defensive side of things,” Addison Reuter said. “We are trying to reset and start fresh.”

With this game against Grand Rapids Christian now behind them, the girls are now gearing up for their next game against Greenville on Friday, January 20. They will be playing at Grandville at 7 pm and will hopefully come out with a win.