The girls varsity basketball team takes a hard hit against Byron Center with a score of 72-28


To play a sport is to understand and embrace the ups and downs; it is to learn that one can’t always win but still be able to take away the experiences from it. The girls varsity basketball team here at Forest Hills Central was able to understand this more during and even after its last game on Tuesday, January 10, when the girls endured a hard loss to the Byron Center Bulldogs with a score of 72-28.

When going into the game against Byron Center, the Lady Rangers were preparing for what was to come.

“Bryon Center is a very good team,” junior Maggie Kelderman said. “We knew that it was going to be a hard game so we just decided to work on everything that we have been doing in practice.”

However, there were times when they were not ready or could have handled the situation that they were put in a bit better, such as the ball pressure that Byron Center was giving them. Even though they braced themselves for a hard and tough game against the Bulldogs, they still went in with one goal in mind: their attitudes.

“Going in, a goal of ours was to keep a positive attitude throughout the game,” junior, Maggie Sneider said.

Losing a game or event can be challenging for most, to say the least, but with this goal set in place for the girls, they are not only able to use this in future game scenarios, but they are also able to use this in everyday life.

Many would say that this was a hard loss for the Forest Hills Central girls varsity basketball; however, the girls are able to look at this game as a stepping stone for their future careers. They are able to learn, embrace, and overcome many of the challenges that they faced during this game against Byron Center. With many of these lessons in mind, the girls are ready to go into their next away game against Northview this Friday, January 13, at 5:30 pm.

“We are super excited to play Northview,” said Maggie Kelderman. “We will carry all the positivity from these past few weeks and hopefully come out with the win.”