Girls bowling takes a loss against the Bulldogs


Unfortunately, the ladies suffered their first loss in conference play yesterday to the Byron Center Bulldogs. While this is definitely a hard one, the ladies are no strangers to being associated with a comeback story.

The score from yesterday’s competition finished at 15-8 Bulldogs. While this loss hurts their record, some players still shined through last night.

“I beat my competitor,” said senior Paris Gooch, “and our team won a baker game.”

Even with a loss, there are still good takeaways for this team, but the real question is this: how are they going to come back? What are they going to do differently to prepare for their next competition? Their next competition will be the Christmas Baker Tournament Invite which will take place on December 27 at 11 am at Park Center Lanes. This will give the girls a chance to get back on their feet while facing many different opponents.

“We plan on being more confident and remembering to have fun! We started to get frustrated and when we realized that we were doing bad,” quoted Paris Gooch.

The first step in fixing a problem is identifying that there is a problem. The ladies are still on track to have a great season, a couple of minor setbacks are always expected. What I am most excited about is seeing how this team grows into a powerhouse in the second half of the season. As of right now, we are only seeing the first stages of progress from all of the hard work the girls are putting in.

I know I have said that having fun is the most important part of any sport at any level, and the reason I say it so much is because it is true. Ask any professional athlete what the most important aspect of the game to them is and I guarantee that nine out of ten athletes will say having fun. Having fun is going to be the key to the girls’ success this season.