Girls bowling defeats FHN in their first conference match up of the season


The girls bowling team secures their first win of the season over Forest Hills Northern. It’s always a great day when the Rangers defeat the Huskies, this victory puts the girls at 1-0 in conference play. Compared to what the season turned out to be last year, this is an incredible start, and the ladies should be extremely proud.

“We did such an amazing job last night, I am very proud of us,” said senior Paris Gooch.”If we stay focused we can achieve another win with our confidence. I hope the team also realizes that we are so much better than we truly think we are.”

It is very reassuring to see the girls getting excited about their success, they know that some people had low expectations for the team, and the ladies have been more than happy to prove them wrong. Having confidence in themselves is going to be a big key to their success this year.

“The girls bowled very well,” quoted head coach Jerry Tarabek. “Some of the girls bowled the highest scores I have ever seen from them. To prepare for the next competition we are going to have an open practice on Friday where we are going to work on some mechanical things to perform our best next Monday and Wednesday.”

A lot of people may not see it, but the girls bowling team is in for a good season, one for the record books. With new coaching this season, the improvements have already begun to show. With a tough opponent in the Greenville Yellow Jackets coming up next week, the ladies are going to need to rely on their ability to focus and have fun.