Saving lives in and out of the water

Saving lives in and out of the water

Not everyone lives on a lake, has a pool, or vacations at the beach. However, even bathtubs are dangerous bodies of water for those who have never been taught how to swim or the basics of staying safe around or in the water. This sparks the essential question: Should everyone learn how to swim, and is it necessary for the youth?

Every year in the United States, there are an estimated: 4,000* fatal unintentional drownings—that is an average of 11 drowning deaths per day. While it’s not always thought about, ignoring basic water safety is hurting adults and children due to the fact that swim lessons are a second thought because it’s assumed that it’s easily taught and easily learned. Putting a child in swim lessons from a young age is going to be an extremely beneficial learning experience to keep drownings to a minimum.

As an adult, not having ever been taught how to swim, it cannot only be a little embarrassing to learn at such an older age, but it is not safe if you have never had the experience within a pool or around the pool to swim regardless of your age. Continuing to ignore the fact that swim lessons are important is only going to continue to negatively impact everyone who chooses to be blind to the fact.

Although swim lessons may cost a significant amount of money, ignoring the need to learn how to stay above water is just going to end up hurting everyone involved. Choosing not to learn how to swim makes lifeguards’ jobs more difficult because they are going to have to save people who don’t have any experience in the pool. Ultimately, this is putting both their lives and your life at risk as you struggle in the pool because you failed to make the easy decision of learning how to swim. Choosing to become educated in swimming and water safety is going to benefit everyone.

Break the cycle. Help save lives, including your own, and sign up for swim lessons now!