Boys freshman basketball team ravages rival Forest Hills Northern


After a huge win to start the season, the boys freshman team had a huge game versus Forest Hills Northern. Although Northern had a few players pulled up, it did not drop the focus of the boys team for this game. They came into this rivalry matchup thinking it was all business. They had a laser focus throughout all 32 minutes of the game, and it paid off. Forest Hills Central took care of business winning 70-29. Some key players in this game were freshmen JT Hartman, Mason McDonald, and J Coe. All three of these players had huge first quarters, hence why their value was so crucial in this game. 

A quick start forced the Huskies on their heels. JT, Mason, and J all had monster first quarter performances. The Rangers found themselves up 24-7 at the end of the quarter with JT leading the way with 9 points. FHC continued to pressure Northern’s ball handlers as they forced numerous turnovers into easy buckets. After only allowing five 2nd quarter points, FHC was up 42-12 at half. The rest of the game was similar to this second quarter. FHC was dominant on the boards, specifically freshman Chase Enbody, which led to some easy second chance points. In the 4th quarter, FHC found themselves with a little adversity as Northern went on a little run. The Rangers responded significantly, though, as Chase led all scorers in the 4th quarter with 6 points. FHC won the game 70-29 in blowout fashion. 

The Rangers move to 2-0 overall with a conference record of 2-0 as well. FHC has a huge matchup coming as they face an unfamiliar Grand Rapids Christian team on Tuesday. This could be the Rangers toughest matchup of the season as they have not faced them in the past. Christian has talent on all three levels, so this should end up being a hard fought game