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Boys varsity basketball demolishes Forest Hills Northern 73-36


Halfway into the second quarter, senior Owen Godley executed a shot that never fails to leave the FHC student section roiling: a dunk. His signature shot made the score 26-12 Rangers at the time. For the entirety of the night, the Rangers continued to storm ahead of the Huskies, having created a lead early on that was never threatened. As the final buzzer rang, the score was 73-36 Rangers.

This monumental win gives the Rangers a 2-0 record in the OK White Conference and a 9-1 record overall. This season has been characterized by success for the team, especially as this is their 8th straight win.

“Going into the game, we felt really confident because our guys had prepared super hard,” said head coach Jordan George. “Our mentality in our last two days of practice led into this [win].”

Another secret to the Rangers’ win was their stellar defense, something the Rangers are known for. Notable defensive players included senior Roman Brummell, who showcased impressive coverage and movement. The Huskies struggled to garner points due to this, a sentiment echoed by George.

“Once we got into the game, it was all about our defense,” George said. “The first quarter, I think we only gave up six or eight points. The defense was the backbone of what we did.”

Godley shared the emphasis on strong defense.

“We just need to keep up the defensive intensity,” Godley said. “That’s all we need to continue doing.”

Although the Rangers’ defense was extraordinary, their offense also glowed, especially in the second quarter. Senior captain Jonas VanderWoude made several 3-pointers in a row, and combined with Godley’s efforts, the Rangers’ lead extended from 34 points to 43 in the span of a couple of minutes before halftime. VanderWoude was the leading scorer of the night with 20 points, and Godley amassed 13 points. VanderWoude and Godley were part of the Rangers’ starting lineup; others included seniors Ty Hudkins and Brady Miller, and junior Brendan Cargill.

The Rangers were anticipating a fight; FHC and FHN have always had a strong rivalry.

“It’s a rivalry game,” VanderWoude said. “So we honestly thought it would be really close and down to the wire.”

But the Rangers defied these expectations early on, creating a large lead as the first quarter ticked away. Slight sloppiness on the Huskies’ side, with six fouls just a few minutes in, added to the Rangers’ strong start. As the first quarter ended, the Rangers were up 21-10. Their good fortune continued to halftime.

However, the third quarter was more evenly matched. Both FHC and FHN scored about ten points as the FHC offense slowed slightly. But this turn of events left FHC unfazed, as the fourth quarter was completely dominated by FHC. The Rangers scored nearly 20 points during this period, highlighting the strength of their offense and the players who don’t see the court as often. Senior JT Hartman shined at the end with a clean 3-pointer. This win is monumental for the Rangers, especially as this was a rivalry win.

“The team played very well together, especially in the defensive end,” Godley said. “It allowed us to get some guys in there that otherwise wouldn’t have seen much court time.”

This result is a testament to the Rangers’ talent, specifically their strong court awareness and chemistry that allowed for many successful assists—another highlight for the Rangers. With such a convincing win over another OK White team, the future is bright for them.

“This is huge,” VanderWoude said. “Beating Northern, at Northern, by 30 [points]; honestly, there’s nothing better. It just feels great.”

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