In their last game of the regular season, the boys fall to South Christian


In the last game of the regular season, the boys lost 0-2 against South Christian High School. The boys are upset at the loss but are still excited at their chance to go on to the state meet.

Senior Noah Burr talks about how important this season is for him because it is his last year as Forest Hills student and soccer player.

“The season is more important to me because it’s my last season and I’m never gonna play with this team again.”

While junior Matthew Taylor also emphasizes how important this season is for him and why he thinks that they deserve a state championship.

“This season is important because this is my first year on varsity and this year I think we can go far in the playoffs with the talent we have,” Matthew said.

Taking his time to learn about each player and grow as both a coach and an adult, Coach Paul Kramer makes sure that each of his players is always ready for the season along with all of the challenges they face day to day.

“The pressures and situations kids face nowadays are different so I always try to keep that in mind,” Coach Kramer said. “I appeal to a player’s senses and what is at stake for any given game. Never focus too far ahead, because that will take away from the job at hand.”

In the next few weeks, the boys will have three OK White Conference games then on October 18, the MHSSA Semi-Final games. The boy’s next game is Monday, October 3, at the Ranger stadium with the time still to be determined.