Varsity soccer honors the seniors with another win 4-0 against Portage Northern


Honoring the seniors and their last FHC season, the boys had their senior game with the result they were looking for, a huge 4-0 win and a hat trick by senior captain Omar Hadzimujic, along with a goal by senior Myles Shoham. The boys’ record now is at 11-1-1.

Coach Paul Kramer takes the boys’ well-being very seriously, regardless of whether that’s their physical or mental well-being. He makes it very apparent that if they need anything, he and the team will be there. Coach Kramer understands that the boys do what they can for the team and try to be the best, and the love of his team helped him come back after a rough season.

“Adversity for me as a coach differs from one of my young players. Soccer is just a game.” Kramer explained. “When I think of adversity I’ve dealt with as a coach, I think back to the 2020 season when our season was in limbo. Feeling the love of my players, families, and school when I returned helped me through that adversity. Soccer is just a game.”

Being a senior on the team, Noah Burr is excited to continue the reason the way it’s going. Noah emphasizes how appreciative he is of Coach Kramer and all he does for the team.

“The season is more important to me because it’s my last season and I’m never gonna play with this team again,” The second senior captain. “Coach Kramer has helped me a lot because he pushes my teammates and me to be the best we can be.”

The boys’ next game is Tuesday, September 27, at 6:45 p.m. against one of their rival teams, the Forest Hills Northern Huskies. The game is at home on Ranger turf.