The boys varsity soccer team tally another win against FHE


Week after week, day after day, the boys soccer team continues to grow as a team. The boys are with each other all the time and develop unheard-of bonds. Brotherhood is what allows the team to continue to win their games and show the other teams how strong that bond truly is. 

On Saturday, August 27, the boys faced off against Forest Hills Eastern. Junior Chris Dongmo’s first game back was a win for himself and the rest of the team. With goals by Chris and two more by senior captain Omar Hadzimujic, the boys continue with a 4-0-1 season. With the season still kicking off, the boys are on their way to a state title. Coach Paul Kramer thinks the team has an excellent chance to achieve their state championship aspirations this season. 

“I posed three questions to the boys at our very first practice,” coach Kramer said. “First, what is your ultimate goal this season? Everyone said to go further than last year and hopefully win a state title. Second, are you willing to be pushed daily and out of your comfort zone to achieve that goal? Everyone agreed. Third, are you willing to put aside individual goals and egos to achieve the ultimate prize? Everyone again agreed.”

Junior Matthew Taylor agreed and is letting the team improve his high school experience and help him grow as both a player and a person. 

“My team has made my high school experience a lot more enjoyable,” Matthew said, “as well as making me more grateful for the opportunity to attend and play for the school.” In addition, Matthew added, “One positive aspect of the team is being able to play with classmates and the opportunity to grow friendships with them.” 

The team’s next game is Tuesday, September 6, at 6:45 p.m. against Byron Center High School.