The boys varsity swim and dive team falls short in final meet of the season


In the last meet of the season, the boys swim and dive team had one last chance to show all that it has grown throughout the long, hard hours of work put in. Finally, after months of overcoming hardships, the season has come to an end.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the team fell short against multiple opponents in the shave meet at East Kentwood. The divers of FHC also competed in the regional diving meet against multiple opponents with Cole Hysong placing second overall. 

Senior Alex Schneck is proud of himself and his team for continuing to beat their times and grow throughout the season. 

“For the most part, the season is over and it’s gone pretty well; we have all improved a lot,” Alex said. “Individually, I think I did well. I improved all of my times and met all of my swim goals. It’s sad knowing that the season is coming to an end but it’s nice knowing that it’s a new chapter.”

Coach Dennis Neat is going to miss the team and the chaos that comes along with it, but knows that the boys are going to continue to do great things beyond being on the swim team.

“Each has grown through the season and while some may have had more success than another team member, I’m proud of each and every member of the team,” coach Neat said. “The hard work of two-a-days for 12 weeks is a grind and learning to overcome these life’s little challenges will help them to their successes. For some, it will be this weekend, others will see it later in life. Learning to overcome obstacles is one of life’s biggest challenges and athletics helps everyone understand how it’s possible, especially with teamwork.”

The newer members of the swim team are nervous about what’s going to happen next year with the lack of people joining the team, but freshman Zach Ruffer is ready to build a bond with the new team members.

“I think the season went pretty well; we did pretty good as a team,” Zach said. “I would say we bonded as a team and performed pretty well together, especially considering the size of the team.”

The boys’ season is officially finished, but they do scrimmage in the state meet against multiple opponents at Oakland University. Show support to the swim team by watching the seniors swim their last meet for FHC.

“Together, they never quit,” coach Neat said. “They persevere and thrive on adversity.”