The boys varsity swim and dive team outlasts Grand Rapids Christian in its first home meet


Having a home-pool advantage, the boys varsity swim and dive team continued to impress with a win against Grand Rapids Christian. Swimming laps around their opponents, the FHC Rangers won with a grand total of 96 points, while Grand Rapids Christian only managed to get 89 points.

Senior diver Will Becker has many reasons why he loves being on the team and all of the benefits that it has on him. 

“I love being a part of the team and having a connection with the guys because you get to know people in school better,” Will said. “I like the free feeling of jumping on the board and the adrenaline that I get from that.”

Coach Dennis Neat recognizes how hard the boys have been working and all they have done to continue to dominate the competition.

“Coming from behind in the last relay to snatch a victory is an awesome feeling for the seniors to remember,” coach Neat said. “It’s amazing to see how far the freshman have come in just 10 weeks; they are starting to notice the little details and starting to understand why and what we do matters.”

Sophomore Reed Dixon really enjoys being on the team and all that being close to the other swimmers entails. 

“There’s good team camaraderie and all of the boys get along very well,” Reed said. “The morning practice allows us a chance to get better.” 

As the head coach for the swim and dive team, Dennis Neat has learned a lot about the team, which allows him to reflect on what the boys have accomplished throughout the season.

I love how the team comes together, no matter what the situation is that we face. I admire those that want to work so hard in knowing their goals are not guaranteed,” coach Neat said. “The hard work is part of their willingness to achieve a dream. My goal is to help them to become better people when they head off into life’s next chapter.”

The boys’ next meet is Tuesday, February 1, against the Byron Center Bulldogs. Coach Neat and the team strongly encourage all to make it out to the meets. 

By being together, they know that no one will ever quit on them,” coach Neat said. “If they have a bad race or dive, they will get back up for their next one because the team won’t let them dwell on it.”