JV basketball begins the year with a 55-28 domination over Forest Hills Eastern


The boys JV basketball team started the year off strong Thursday night with a 55-28 win over Forest Hills Eastern. Sophomore J Coe had 14 points while Brady Miller and Ty Hudkins combined for 16. First-year head coach Ike Tilden was able to secure his first program victory. 

The first half consisted of competitive defense on both sides. Sophomore Roman Brummel used his length to his advantage in order to lock down Adam Hardy, limiting him to six points. Luke VanGorp came off the bench and was very effective on the defensive end of the floor for the Rangers. 

“With our slow start on the offensive side, it was important that we came out aggressive on defense,” Roman said. “We attacked them throughout the entire game, and I think that is what helped us win by so much.”

At the end of the first half, the Rangers led the Hawks 22-11. The remaining of the game seemed to fly by; FHC was dominant in every aspect of the game. Brady Miller really showed his shooting skills from behind the arc. 

Next week the Rangers face a non-conference opponent in East Kentwood. Historically, this matchup has proven to be entertaining. 

“To prepare for East Kentwood, we will be emphasizing the ability to handle their pressure,” head coach Ike Tilden said. “Typically, they have a lot of quick guards and like to run a lot, so we will be really working on not turning the ball over and getting back on defense.”